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We can't do this alone. We need multiple stakeholders and a larger team of specialists to create + implement a climate action framework.

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Nyla Pirani

Co-Founder, Food Stream Lead


15 y/o in-training to solve the world's biggest problems. Passionate about global problems (e.g., poverty + climate change) and how technology can be leveraged and science to solve these problems.

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Past Projects

Detecting cancer with AI, understanding the causes of ageing, cleaning water in slums using nanotechnology, and more.

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Exploring SDGs

Passionate about solving the SDG goals, specifically focusing on #2 - Zero Hunger and #13 - Climate Action. Through Carbovore, she is exploring the impact the two have on each other.

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Consulted for companies such as Walmart, Wealthsimple and Kidogo and worked for startups such as AISC and Apollo Neuro.

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Adara Hagman

Co-Founder, Energy Stream Lead

The 3 E's

17 y/o passionate about three main areas: the environment, exploration (marine, space and terrestrial), and education.

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On A Mission Towards A Sustainable Future ?

Moonshot: humanity reaching the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

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SDG #13 - Climate Action

Adara is working on various projects in the climate space (Carbovore included) in efforts to slow global warming and with a focus on creating closed-loop communities.

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Past Highlights

Interning at Elevate Tech Festival, speaking at Maple Leaf Foods on the Future of Food, pitching recommendations to Sidewalk Labs and Kidogo...

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We're looking for...

Stream leads in the following areas:

Water Stream Lead

Waste Stream Lead

Materials Stream Lead

Environment Stream Lead

Other ways to get involved

& stay up to date on our progress and concuslusions.

Partner, Advise, or Mentor

We are looking to partner with other climate organizations and would appreciate advisors + mentors to help us along our climate action journey.

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