The Carbovore Strategy

Our current plan to creating the climate action framework and driving sustainability globally.

Deep diving into streams relating to climate action.

Analyzing research and coming up with insights + action items.

Creating the climate action framework and pushing for implementation.

Collaborating with organizations and individuals at every stage to ensure diverse perspectives + accelerate progress.

Framework V 1.0

A first draft of a framework for achieving sustainability that we'll be building off of. Submitted to Chamath Palihapitiya's Social Captial competition for sustainability frameworks.

The Planet A Framework

"There is no Planet B." We need to act in the next ten years to protect Planet A: Earth. This is V 1.0 of our action plan to achieving sustainability:

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Climate Change Mitigation

A) CO2 removal B) GHG Reductions

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Environment Restoration

With a focus on: A) The Ocean B) The Rainforest

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Closed-loop System Implementation

Closed-loop systems in various streams (water, energy, food, etc.) can be combined to design closed-loop communities. This will lead to circular living to reduce the environmental footprint of humans and move us closer towards achieving sustainability.

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Sustainable Living On Earth + Beyond

Using closed-loop systems humans can live sustainability on Earth and in space. The same systems can be used when terraforming and designing habitats for life in space.