Creating a climate action framework.

Deep diving into six climate streams to identify root causes, insights, and opportunities.

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

We have < 10 years left.

According to the 2019 United Nation's Emissions Gap Report we have less than ten years to halt global warming from a point of no return.

There is less than a year to create a climate action plan and find the solutions to slow global warming. We don't have one yet. It is crucial we create one now and start implementing it.

We're Working On A Plan...

?Goal: create the climate action framework + plan.

We are researching six streams that are needed to design completely sustainable communities.

With our research we will identify root causes, insights, and opportunities for action. We will involved multiple stakeholders to make sure different perspectives are involved in our project.

We will create a climate action framework and plan using our research. One of our core values is collaboration. We are going to collaborate with organizations leading the climate action movement and policymakers to make the plan happen.

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Our awesome features

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Planet A Framework 1.0

Our original framework towards achieving sustainability. With our research we hope to improve it and create a comprehensive climate action framework. These are the three main buckets of our Planet A Framework:

A) Climate Change Mitigation

B) Environment Restoration

C) Closed-Loop Systems

Six stream towards a sustainable future.

We have identified six streams to focus on to achieve sustainability. They all play important roles in the buckets our existing framework.







Our Team Of Two

Carbovore is currently run by it's founders - two teenagers on missions to drive more climate action. Click the button below to learn more about our team and how to get involved.

Nyla Pirani
Co-Founder & Food Stream Lead

Adara Hagman
Co-Founder & Energy Stream Lead

Special Thanks To ?

Dr. Rodolphe Barrangou, Natasha Walji, The Rising Youth Team, The Government of Canada, The Knowledge Society, and all of our other mentors + supporters.